Steel Wire Products

Steel Wire Products

We manufacture a range of high quality, laboratory tested steel wire products

Today the company has factories in South Africa, Belgium, Zambia and Zimbabwe, producing high carbon wire and strand, steel wire ropes and fibre ropes and twines.

Product Range

Scraper and Haulage/Hoisting Ropes

Haggie Rand’s expertise in designing and producing ropes makes the Company the world’s leading manufacturer of wire ropes for deep level mine winding.

Mining Ropes

Double drum winders; Koepe/Fiction winders; shaft sinking; mine hoists; dragline hoist-and-drag ropes; face shovels.

Wire Ropes for Face Shovels

These must be able to with stand repeated bending diameter ratios, dictate the rope to be used to optimise performance.

General Purpose Ropes

Forestry, drilling and piling, winches and hoists, elevators, crane ropes, marine, fishing, shipping, non-spin ropes; guide ropes.

Ropes for off-shore applications

Anchor lines; pennant lines; slings; drilling lines; tubing and sucker lines; low rotation crane ropes, for uses in general purpose engineering, manufacturing, construction, lifting and transportation.

Wire Ropes for Draglines

These must offer resistance to abrasion and plastic deformation, in addition to the stresses affecting shovel rope performance. They are invariably a compromise between those offering resistance to abrasion and those which can withstand bending fatigue

Static ropes

Aerial rope-ways; dragline pendants; guy and stay ropes; ropes for bridges; stay wire and earth-wire for electrical purposes steel strand core for aluminium conductors.

Poly steel rope
Non spin rope
Engineering rope grey
Mining black / winding rope