Haggie Rand, a member of Scaw Metals & owned by the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, was established in 1921 to produce and supply steel wire ropes used in mining.


High performance steel wire ropes, lifting equipment and accessories for mining, engineering,cranes and offshore use.

High Effectiveness

National Testing facility with state of the art testing equipment to guarantee the integrity and quality of our steel wire products.

Who We Are

Haggie Rand was established in 1921, to produce and supply wire ropes & used in Southern Africa

The company has factories in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia producing high carbon wire and strand, steel wire ropes, fibre products and twines. Haggie Rand Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1958 as African Wire Ropes ltd and traded ad an indent agent and representative for high tensile steel wire ropes. With a reputation built on trust and performance, Haggie supplies ropes with confidence to a variety of industries with a variety of purposes.

What We Do

Our Products

Haggie Rand expertise in designing and producing ropes makes the company the world’s manufacturer of wire ropes for deep level mine winding. As the mines became deeper, the demand for longer, heavier and stronger ropes increased.

Wire and Fencing

At Haggie Rand, we produce the bulk of the country’s barbed wire, diamond mesh and hexagonal mesh …

Aluminium Products

We produce aluminium stranded conductors steel reinforced which withstand high tensile load and are…

Steel Wire Products

Today the company has factories in South Africa, Belgium, Zambia and Zimbabwe, producing high…


Our range of accessories include bow shackles, d-shackles, eye and eye turnbuckles, carabine…

Dealer Products

Our products range include lifting equipment, rigging accessories and tools, pumps, wire and strand, grinding…


Our Divisions

We foster SHEQ management systems and teamwork, nurturing talent, enhancing leadership capability and also we act with pace, pride and passion. All of this so that we deliver quality products, services and create value for our customers.

Wire & Rope Production Facts

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Our History

We Have 100+ Years Industrial Experience

The knowledge and craftsmanship gained has been extended to all products which match or exceed the mining world requirement. These are use where the angle of dip is insufficient for movement by gravity and removal of broken rock from the slope face to a collecting point is usually done by means of scraps.


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